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                  Comedy Streaming Help

                  Streaming Audio HELP!

                  If the following answers do not help solve your problem please e-mail us using our

                  ***SUPPORT NOTICE***

                  WINDOWS MEDIA STREAMS - Trouble Launching Streams

                  Does your computer have multiple media players? (WinAmp, RealPlayer, iTunes, etc...)?

                  • We have discovered that other 3rd party media players tend to steal the Windows Media Player File Types for themselves. This confuses the Windows Media Player and prevents it from launching properly. The only way to fix this is to reestablish the Windows Media Player File Types from within the WMP application. The standard WMP file type for streaming audio is the .asx/.asf file formats. The .asx and .asf File Types/Formats must be associated with the WMP.

                  • We have also noticed that Windows XP/Vista/7 security settings can make it more difficult for one to auto launch the WMP from within our website. This means, if the WMP is not already running, our .asx files will not be able to launch the WMP to load the stream.


                  • To resolve the File Type confusion you must perform the following task: Open the Windows Media Player application --> Click on Tools --> Options --> File Types --> In the File Type Window select the following to run from the WMP: asf (asx), wmv & wma --> click Apply --> click OK.

                  • Once the File Types have been confirmed, you should leave the WMP running prior to launching the stream. Also, you must confirm that the BCNonline.com URL is allowed to Pop-Up windows via your 3rd party security software. Once this is all setup you should be able to launch the Windows Media Player streams without any problem.


                  ***SUPPORT NOTICE***

                  Trouble Launching Streams or Logging In? - November 01, 2004

                  Please add the BCNonline.com URL (http://www.bcnonline.com) as a "Trusted Site" to all Firewall or Ad Blocking Software and Web Browser Security Settings. This will allow our server to properly detect your subscription, log you in to BCN RAW and launch the streams.

                  It's also important to note that our email window and password window are CaSe SenSiTIvE. Thus, your email and password must be typed in to these windows just as they appear in your Welcome email.

                  ***STREAMING BASICS***

                  "Pop Up Blocker software": A common error notification caused by the "Pop Up Blocker" is an indication of a Script error or Privacy warning on your web browser. You must disable the Pop Up Blocker software in order to listen to any of the BCN RAW Subscription streams. BCN uses Java Scripts with very quick "Pop Ups" to determine the correct stream, bandwidth, media player, etc... for each broadcast. If you do not allow Pop Ups from BCNonline.com, you will not be able to access the BCN RAW streams.

                  Macintosh Users: We suggest downloading and installing either the latest revision of the Windows Media Player for Macintosh or you can listen to our broadcast by using our ShoutCast server which is supported by iTunes and the Real Player. iTunes & the Real Player must be associated with the .pls file streaming format. Once you have confirmed that either iTunes or the Real Player is properly linked with the .pls file extension, you can click on the "Listen with WinAmp" button on the FREE Broadcast Page or use one of the ShoutCast streams in your BCN RAW Members Profile section.

                  Linux or Unix Users: Please make certain you have downloaded and installed a media player that is capable of supporting the .pls file streaming format. Click on the "Listen With WinAmp" button on the FREE Broadcast page or select one of the ShoutCast Streams from your BCN RAW Members Profile section to stream the broadcast.

                  Netscape Users: Please make certain you have the correct Windows Media Player plugin, available from Microsoft's download page. - Please note: We have tested this plugin with Netscape 6.2 and it works great! Also, .asf files should be directed to the Windows Media Media Player 6.0 or higher.

                  Internet Explorer Users; should add the BCNonline.com URL as a "Trusted Site" in their IE Security Settings. Launch IE --> Click on Tools --> Internet Options --> Security Tab --> Tusted Sites --> Sites --> add the URL http://www.bcnonline.com --> Click OK.

                  Guard Software: It has occured to us that several people have purchased 3rd party 'Guard' software such as Guard Dog and ZoneAlarm, these software tools act as a firewall preventing certain files and different types of information from reaching your computer. These 'Guard' tools can prevent our media stream from buffering to your computer or cause our audio stream to chop. We suggest that you disable this software and try reloading our website and reconnect to our live broadcast.

                  Check Volume Controls: If you have the latest version of the Windows Media Player and the player has Buffered the audio but you still do not hear any sound - we suggest you first check the audio levels of your sound card and the Windows volume controls. We have also noticed, on several different occasions, that certain software programs will cause your audio card to malfunction with streaming audio. We find that a simple reboot of your computer can help solve this problem.

                  Version of Windows Media Player Required: If you have never updated your Windows Media Player since installing Windows 95, 98SE or 2000, it is very likely that you have a different audio player that does not support the new Windows Media 9 Audio codec. We suggest reading Question #1 to help update your old media player.

                  ***SUPPORT FAQ***

                  1. What are the Media Player Requirements?
                  2. The Windows Media Player will not connect to the Server, Why?
                  3. I have the Latest Windows Media Player but I still can not connect, why?
                  4. My Windows Media Player has finished buffering the stream but the audio is choppy, why?
                  5. What does the "Custom" Media Player look like?

                  1a) The stand alone WMP player will be launched under the following conditions:

                  • You have Windows 95 or newer
                  • You have a Macintosh Computer
                  • You have Netscape, Mozilla or IE Installed


                  1b) If you are not using WMP version 7+  you will be prompted to download a newer version of the Windows Media Player.   Any current version of iTunes or WinAmp can playback our stream.

                  2) The Windows Media Player will not connect to the Server, why?

                  • There can be several reasons why your computer can not connect to BCNonline.com. I will attempt to answer a few of the possible problems.

                  If your Windows Media Player looks like this:

                  or this:

                  You are running an OLD version of the Windows Media Player. These versions of Windows Media Players do not support our new streaming format. We suggest that you update to the latest version of Windows Media Player.

                  Click on the Windows Media Player Icon on our home page and follow Microsoft's instructions or CLICK HERE to be taken to Microsoft Windows Media Installation page. It is very easy to install the software.

                  Microsoft Windows Update is also an easy way to update your media player. Using your MS Internet Explorer, go to either the Help menu or Tools menu and select Product Update or Windows Update. Follow the Microsoft update instructions (Microsoft automates this). Once Microsoft has listed all available updates for your system, look for the Windows Media Player under Multimedia Select it and click Download follow the on screen instructions.

                  After proper installation your NEW Windows Media Player should look something like this:



                  This new Windows Media Player is capable of playing both Streaming Video and Streaming Audio files. Any version of this player using the Windows Media Audio Codec will be able to decode the BCN Online broadcast.

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                  3) I have the Latest Windows Media Player but I still can not connect:

                  Does this Look Familiar?

                  There could be several reasons why you are getting this message or similar messages.

                  You have lost your connection to the Internet:
                  Please make certain that you are still connected to the Internet and try again.

                  Your Network connection timed out due to traffic overflow
                  It is possible that your attempt to connect to our server failed due to heavy traffic through a specific router or something associated with slow data rates. We suggest that you try clicking on the stream again. Often your computer will choose a different route to our server and the BCNonline.com stream will be downloaded to your house in a few seconds.

                  You are behind a Firewall and can not gain access to streaming media files:
                  Several Companies restrict certain types of traffic into their local networks by installing what is called a FIREWALL. These firewalls restrict access of information based on the types of protocol (Language) used. We are streaming a special protocol for streaming media. We suggest that you ask your Network Administrator to allow streaming media such as the MSDN, MMS, and WMA protocols to pass into the network.
                  Firewalls can also cause your files to sound choppy.

                  Note: Most Network Administrators allow access to these files to their own personal computers but restrict it to everyone else. What's up with that? Imagine what you are missing. Imagine the fun they are having at your expense. Ask your Network Admin to allow streaming media into the network TODAY!

                  Our server or broadband connection could be down:
                  Although we have redundant connections to our servers, it is possible that both services could be down at the same time. It has happened once before. We may also be temporarily updating our servers and installing new software. This should only take a few minutes, and we suggest trying to link up with us again very soon.

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                  4) My Windows Media Player has finished buffering the stream but the audio chops!

                  Once again there could be a few reasons for this:

                  You are behind a Firewall and your Firewall is causing the streaming audio to chop:
                  The most likely reason for this problem is similar to answer (C) of question #2. You are behind a Firewall and your Firewall is causing the streaming audio to chop. We suggest you ask your Network Administrator to allow access to streaming media content. That way you can listen to BCNonline.com all day long.

                  Your connection to the Internet is currently experiencing a heavy flow of traffic.
                  This can cause your audio to chop. Be patient it usually clears up after a few minutes.

                  Your are running several applications on your computer and your computer is unable to process the audio stream.
                  Try closing down a few applications and see if that helps. We also suggest upgrading that 386DX... after all it is 2002.

                  Our server is experiencing a sudden heavy flow of traffic.
                  Our server is capable of streaming over 5000 simultaneous streams, however, we periodically scan for viruses and routinely maintain our server. In the near future we will be installing more servers to help alleviate this type of problem.

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                  5) Note: We no longer support our old "Custom" Media Player - those were the good old days.