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                  Submit Your Comedy


                  Dear Comedians,

                  BCN Inc is always looking for fresh talented comedians, and we would like to encourage you to send to us your CDs and/or DVDs for consideration. We employ a large portion of our resources in acquiring the proper authorization for all our content, and we respect the rights of all our comedians. Please rest assured that no one at BCN has any interest in “stealing” jokes or comedy routines. Notwithstanding your own sitcom or comedy special, BCN Online is a great opportunity for any comedian to sell CD’s, DVD's and downloads and help grow your audience and promote future events.

                  BCN Online - is averaging over 100,000 listeners every month with a steady core of fans who listen every week. BCN Online operates very similar to a traditional radio station, and current Windows Media, iTunes, SpacialNET & ShoutCast ratings have placed BCN Online in the Top 10 of all Internet Comedy Radio stations. It’s our goal to provide an outlet for comedians to reach broader audiences and assist in the promotion of their talent, albums and performances.

                  Joke Donkey - The Joke Donkey is an audible Joke of a Day (JOTD) service exclusively for Joke Donkey Members accessable through our Joke Donkey iPhone & Android application and website. We invite comedians to come to our studio and record a JOTD for our listeners and provide a FREE opportunity to pitch their web site, CDs, DVDs, promotions, etc... to our growing army of listeners.

                  Therefore, if you think you're funny enough or know someone who is, please send us your CD, DAT, DVD, Video or Tape to the following address:

                  Broadband Comedy Network, Inc
                  6422 Kessler Ave
                  Woodland Hills, CA 91367

                  We look forward to hearing from you,

                  BCN, Inc.